Minnesota Ethnic Providers Network (MNEPN)

Subscription & Membership

Why pay fees to join?

Hiring consultants to do training:

Membership fees will be used to hire consultants or trainers to provide educational or skill-building sessions for members. These consultants will offer expertise on a wide range of topics, including industry-specific trends, leadership development, and strategic planning.

Hiring a Coordinator:

A portion of the membership fees may also be allocated to hiring a coordinator or administrative support staff to manage member communications, coordinate events, and maintain the organization’s website or social media presence.

Supporting network operation:

The membership fees may also be used to cover the cost of maintaining the network infrastructure and hosting events. This includes costs associated with renting venues, purchasing supplies, and marketing the organization to attract new members.

Our primary goal of using membership fees is to provide value to members and support the overall operation of the organization. The specific allocation of funds will depend on the goals and priorities of the organization, as well as the needs of its members.

On Mark

$ 500
  • Projected Annual Revenues
  • $0-$50,000


$ 2,000 - 3,000
  • Projected Annual Revenues
  • $50,001-$200,000


$ 3,500 - 5,000
  • Projected Annual Revenues
  • $200,001-$350,000