Minnesota Ethnic Providers Network (MNEPN)


Minnesota Ethnic Providers Network (MNEPN) is devoted to advocating for adults and disabled adults who require special services. We understand the unique challenges and needs of aging adults and those with disabilities and we strive to ensure these individuals have access to the best possible care. Through our relationships with lawmakers and the press, MNEPN works to eliminate barriers to care, and fight against bad policies towards the sector.

We are passionate about protecting the rights of our members, and we are committed to working with the federal government to ensure that their voices are heard. We are also dedicated to making sure that bad policies are overturned and that our members and other advocates are properly represented. We are confident that our policy staff can make a positive impact on the federal policy legislation and advocacy priorities for 2023-2024 issues.

MNEPN plays an important role in making sure that legislation and regulations support aging and disability services providers across Minnesota. From providing vital services to empowering caregivers and family members, MNEPN is here to support and advocate for adults and disabled adults. We strive to create a future where our aging and disabled population can enjoy quality, affordable services and care. To this end, we work with state and local legislators to ensure that policies are in place to support aging and disability services providers.

At MNEPN, we understand that aging and disability services can be difficult to navigate. We are here to help ensure that these individuals are able to get the care they need and deserve. We are dedicated to providing a strong voice for our aging and disabled population and advocating for their rights. We invite you to join us in advocating for adults and disabled servicing institutions.

Our mission is to create a future where everyone has access to the services and care they need. Together, we can make a difference.