Minnesota Ethnic Providers Network (MNEPN)

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We will work to dismantle institutional racism by building a support network for ethnic and minority-owned businesses that care for elders and adults with disabilities.

The Vision

Our vision is to become a replicable grassroots network that enhances the strengths and contributions of our Minnesotan ethnic providers.

We aspire to be an interconnected network of ethnic and minority providers that support one another through the sharing of our unique cultural backgrounds, talents, and strengths. We will support one another in the continued fight against purposeful strategies and regulations that continue to promote racial inequality. We aspire to expand these grassroots efforts to other industries and groups experiencing the cycles of system discrimination.


“Health inequalities are considered unnecessary, avoidable and unfair/unjust,” per the World Health Organization, 2008.

Racial disparity in Minnesota is a man-made disaster, therefore we value the following values-based actions: