Minnesota Ethnic Providers Network (MNEPN)


Why become a member?

Join peers of Ethnic adult day and Day Support Service owners

Joining the network of ethnic providers in Minnesota will give you the opportunity to connect with peers who share similar experiences and challenges in running an adult day care & day support services. Being part of a community of like-minded individuals will help you feel supported and provide a sense of belonging. You will learn from one another, exchange ideas, and offer guidance on common issues such as staffing, marketing, fair pay, discrimination, be proactive and learn changes in licensing and rules.

Connection to affordable consultants

Another advantage of joining a network of ethnic providers in Minnesota is that you will gain access to affordable consultants who can help you with various aspects of your business. These consultants can provide guidance on issues such as legal compliance, risk management, and financial planning. By connecting with these consultants, you can get expert advice without having to pay high fees, which can be especially valuable for small businesses.

Find resources to build business capacity:

We will help you find resources to build your business capacity. Many networks offer workshops, training, and mentoring programs to help you improve your business management skills, financial management, marketing, and other aspects of running a successful adult day care centre. These resources can help you grow your business and make it more sustainable in the long run.

Know your rights

As an ethnic adult day care owner, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities under state and federal laws. By joining our network of ethnic providers in Minnesota, you will stay informed about changes in regulations and policies that affect your business. You will also get guidance on how to comply with these laws and protect your business from legal risks.

Continue education on what is new with waiver requirements

Joining our network will help you stay up-to-date on the latest developments in waiver requirements. Waivers are programs that provide funding for individuals who need long-term care services, including adult day care. By staying informed about changes in waiver requirements, you can ensure that your business remains eligible for funding and can continue to provide quality services to your clients.

Leadership development

The Minnesota Ethnic Providers Network will help you develop your leadership skills. Many networks offer leadership training programs that will help you build your management and communication skills, develop your vision for your business, and improve your ability to lead and motivate your team. These skills will be valuable not just for your business, but for your personal growth as well.

Business growth

The other benefit of joining our network is the potential for business growth. By connecting with other providers and accessing resources, you can identify new opportunities for growth and expansion, whether through partnerships, new services, or exploring new markets. This will help you reach more clients, generate more revenue, and make a bigger impact in your community.

Support for peer to peer

Joining our network will provide valuable support for peer-to-peer collaboration and problem-solving. As an adult day care owner, you may face unique challenges that others in your community will relate to. By joining the network, you will connect with peers who share similar experiences and will offer support and advice when you need it. This will help you feel less isolated and more connected to a community of people who are facing similar challenges and working towards similar goals.