Minnesota Ethnic Providers Network (MNEPN)

Protection &


& Growth

Training &

Equity, Accountability
and Transparency

Our aspiration is to form an interconnected network of providers from underrepresented groups that helps one another by utilizing our complementary skills and resources.We will continue to fight together against deliberate strategies and regulations that perpetuate racial inequality. We hope to expand these grassroots efforts to other industries and groups affected by systemic discrimination.

Our Strategic Initiatives


Create a strong and robust network of ethnic and minority-owned businesses serving elderly Minnesotans and adults with disabilities.

Development & Growth

Through co-learning and co-creation, encourage self-sufficiency, self-efficacy and sustainability for standalone organizations.


Build a network of support to understand and challenge the systemic discriminatory rules and regulations holding providers back from further growth and independence.

Protection & Accountability

Protect providers against harmful policies resulting from institutional racism. Hold the institutions accountable for passing racially disparaging rules and regulations.

Training & Compliance

Provide training, educational resources, and legal services to help providers achieve success.